Air Conditioning Units and Their Kinds

Air Conditioning Units and Their Kinds

Summertime can be beautiful and relaxing, or you could be sitting in front of a box fan wishing you had air conditioning or wishing it would snow. Maybe you’re stuck in one room of the house because your air conditioning unit will only cool one area. Consider upgrading to a central air conditioning system for whole-house cooling without damaging ledges or adding an unsightly box to your window.

A central air conditioning system is considered the quietest way to cool your home, with the added convenience of all rooms being cooled by one unit. By using a programmable thermostat system, you can also save money on cooling costs.

If you are currently seeking an air conditioner, it will be useful for you to find out the kinds of such cooling units.

Window air conditioning

Such units are typically mounted on walls and windows. One of the principal features to highlight is that they are the oldest and most reasonably priced ones. Window air conditioning units are usually used for residential purposes because they are really efficient in cooling smaller areas.

Split air conditioning

Split air conditioning units have 2 parts. One part is mounted inside the room on the walls or floor, and the other component is placed outside the room. Such units are very effective for cooling an entire building. It should be pointed out that nowadays, such a variety of air conditioning is used in commercial buildings as a result of its effectiveness and efficiency.

Packaged air conditioning

Packaged air conditioning units are designed to cool extremely large areas. To go into more details, it should be pointed out that all parts of such units are incorporated into one package. Packaged air conditioning units are mounted on walls or rooftops. An important thing to point out is that the most noteworthy plus of this unit is its efficient and noiseless work. It will be useful for you to find out that packaged air conditioning is considered to be one of the best ones.

Central air conditioning

Central air conditioning units are generally used in commercial buildings, shopping malls, and other large areas, which necessitate really huge cooling power.

Mobile air conditioning

As it is understood from the name, this type of air conditioning is suitable for people who travel a lot. These units are very compact; they do not need to be mounted on walls and can be transported easily. Needless to say that they are less efficient, but they can be used as alternative conditioning units.

Ductless air conditioning

Ductless air conditioning units are used in areas with no ducts. These units are similar to the split air conditioning. To go into more details, there is a need to add that they have 2 parts, and the outer part is located outside. One more thing to mention is that ductless air conditioning units are less efficient than split air conditioning units. And that is the reason why this variety of air conditioning is not regularly used for cooling larger areas.

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